How to use your Cupping Kit

Cellulite Cupping Instructions

So you've bought yourself some massage cups? Don't just wait for the magic to happen- Here is our helpful beginners guide to cupping for reducing the appearance of cellulite. I suggest following this process 5 days a week and for no more than 15 minutes per session. All bodies are different and I have always loved to celebrate that! That's why we've included 2 cup sizes- work out which cup gives you the best results (sometimes different cups are good for different body parts too) and once you've got the hang of the guide don't be afraid to get creative and adapt your cupping session to what works well for you. Use on arms, legs, glutes or stomach however our cups are not recommended for you if you are pregnant.


Step 1: Apply massage oil to the area you intend to use the cups on. Lotion can work well too but for best results we find oil gives you the ultimate self care experience.

Step 2: Pinch the cup. Place it against your skin and release the pinch. A small vacuum should be formed between the cup and your skin.

Step 3: Move the cup in horizontal lines across your skin for 2 minutes. Be sure to keep the cup moving as leaving it in one place for any length of time could cause temporary bruising.

Step 4: Move the cup in vertical lines across your skin for 2 minutes.

Step 5: Move the cup in an "S" shaped motion across your skin for 3 minutes.

Step 6: Create deep actions with the cup across your skin. Do this by moving the cup in a short line across your skin and then pushing down deeply into the skin quickly and repeating. This can be done for 1 minute.

Picture Guide:

Step 1:                                                      Step 2:


Step 3:                                                       Step 4:


Step 5:                                                      Step 6:



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