About Tranquil Beauty

Welcome to Tranquil Beauty

Here at Tranquil Beauty our team is dedicated to making your life stress-less. Come and see why our thousands of customers across Europe put their faith in Tranquil Beauty and why you should too. 


Who are we

Tranquil Beauty is a small business based in coastal Suffolk, United Kingdom. Our fantastic team are dedicated to producing high quality bath, spa and beauty products that provide comfort, relaxation and a solution to today's first world problems.

Our inspiration 

Tranquil beauty is more than just a product. It' is a passion, a metaphor and a way of life. The inspiration for our products at Tranquil Beauty stems from our humble seaside town roots which although is "home" to us, for others is a haven of tranquillity to escape to on weekends. Here at tranquil Beauty we believe everyone deserves peace and relaxation- we want to bring tranquillity to you. 

You can count on us

Our tag line isn't 'for peace of mind' for nothing! Our diligent team are committed to making our products the best they can be for your enjoyment. Each product  has been through a detailed process of testing and manufacturing to ensure it is of both high quality and style. And if you're not satisfied you can follow our returns policy with money back guarantee- But we're sure you won't want too ;)


So come and join the thousands of others who have decided to have tranquillity in their life and click the browse button on our home page or search for us on Amazon, and make your day a tranquil one.

Love #TBUK