How to use your SAD lamp

So you've bought a Tranquil Beauty SAD Lamp?

Here are some Quick and easy hints and tips on how to use it:


Your SAD lamp comes in 3 parts- the main lamp, the power lead and the stand.

To assemble the lamp plug the cable into the hole on the lower right side of the lamp. The stand can be clipped onto the left hand side of the lamp as shown in the picture below. You can slide the stand further up the side of the lamp to adjust the angle that your lamp sits at.

Once the Lamp is plugged in you can turn it on by pressing the on switch (the white circle with the line at the top). 

To adjust the brightness of your lamp you can press the button with the black circle. Alternatively you can hold down this button until the brightness increases to your desired level and then release the button to keep it at this level.

You can adjust the colour of the lamp as well. There are 3 settings- white, blue white and warm white. The blue white is particularly good for keeping you alert whereas the warm white which has a yellow tone is great for helping your body to calm down in the evenings. Press the "M" button to find these different colour settings.

If you have any further questions or queries about your SAD lamp don't hesitate to contact me personally via email ( or via instagram (@tranquilbeautyuk). You can chat to me directly and I will be happy to help you!

For information on the technical lamp specifications and LED/ LUX information please consult the handbook that arrived with your lamp.

Have a bright and cheerful day!

Becky x