About Us

Our story begins in – yes, you guessed it – the bathtub. It starts with our founder Becky Le Grice lying in the tub and wondering why spas are still considered a luxury. Why spend hundreds of pounds for a single spa day at a fancy hotel or resort, if you can have it all in the comfort of your home, with an equally comfortable price tag?
The longer Becky soaked and thought, the more determined she grew about turning her bathtub idea into a watertight business plan. By the time she got up and reached for her towel, she knew that she wanted to bring the spa home and see bathrooms transformed into places of rest, comfort and relaxation. Tranquil Beauty was born.
Today, Tranquil Beauty is the one-stop shop for all bathing wants and needs. We’ve stayed true to Becky’s vision: The at-home spa, the bathroom sanctuary that is attainable and affordable for all. Our holistic product range nourishes skin and soul, and makes you look and feel great. We welcome you to sink deeper into the tub and relax!