Magical Rainbow Cloud Bath Bombs

Magical Rainbow Cloud Bath Bombs

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GIFT SET OF 3 BATH BOMBS: The rainbow bath bomb by TranquilBeauty offers a collection of 3 x 110g delightfully long lasting bath time experience's

BATH TIME EXCITEMENT - Colourful and exuberant clouds make A fantastic Gift for children - They create A real buzz around bath time always making sure to be kind on sensitive skin

NATURAL, CRUELTY FREE & VEGAN FRIENDLY: Our ingredients are vegan certified, paraben and cruelty free. We take pride in ensuring that our products are ethically made with love and happiness!

VIVID COLOUR: Just place them straight into hot water and the white cloud will float. Fizzies are slow releasing - so the rainbow colours stay for longer.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our bath bombs are made with consistent quality and care, but be sure to receive a FULL return of your payment if the product is in any way faulty, on our money back guarantee scheme. What have you got to lose? Just click "Add to Basket" now